— Carlos Nogueras: Production Director, with many years of experience as a professional within the dubbing industry.

— David Rodríguez: Senior IT Engineer.
Our resident digital wizard, IT expert
and programmer, working in C/C++,
Visual Basic, Java and C# Sharp.
Responsible for all aspects of the
implementation of new technologies
within the studio.

— Jaime Espinal: Mix Engineer, with 20 years of experience and a huge number of mixes to his credit. A sound engineer of the old school, who has worked in some of Barcelona’s most prestigious sound studios.

— Carmelo Hurtado: Recording Engineer,
with extensive experience in recording
dialog for videogames.

— Sergio Ríos: Sound Engineer,
responsible for transfers, copies,
formatting and system configuration.

— Guillermo Reinlein: Our director for
all video game voice dubs.

— Neus Castella: Executive Producer.